Heard and Held


Last night I dreamt I was mushrooms

many, an impossible body

impusle led

mycelium my spine

I spoke a mouthless language

all questions were answers already known


there really was nothing to know

I was everything at once

sugars of us hummed

soft breath

shared lung


time to matter


limbs to the land

nine veiled brides kept an eye

on my way to Beneath

the underground scene of the lacemakers lair

sleep and wake are not separate here

in the warm, wet digs of the soft hooded sisters

dark web

city lights

expand beyond us

fingers, one finger

brain, body fuel, we move into forever

  • Emma Fayelecaun (2019)

Mushrooms is part of the 2019 release Sugar and Bones limited edition illustrated book of poetry available here on the artists website.