“Why Not Believe in Everything?” by Laura Fisher. A play reading by Cracked Actors. Saturday 4th March

Radio Laria convener and MC Laura Fisher’s ‘Why Not Believe in Everything’ will be performed at the Cracked Actors Theatre (CAT) for Summer Reading 2023. Show starts 12:00pm.

Do you believe that the earth is 4.6 billion years old? Or do you believe that the earth is 6000 years old and that it was created in 7 days? Thanks to Why Not Believe in Everything you no longer that to choose!

Laura Fisher is an energetic poet, and performer who is well known on the Melbourne Spoken word scene for convening Radio Laria Poetry. Previous to that, she was the regular MC for the Girls on Key poetry gig. Through both Radio Laria and Girls on Key, Laura has been a keen advocate and promoter for women and gender diverse poets. She has been the feature poet for various spoken word gigs in Melbourne; and at Dramatis Personae she was even known to channel the ghost of Emily Bronte.

Laura enjoys all kinds of writing. Her publications include a poem in the Dan Poets and in 2020 she was short-listed for the Eyelands short story award. She originally hails from a small town near London and at the age of nineteen she left home to study English literature and Religious Studies at Manchester University. Nothing came from her study of religion until she wrote her play “Why not Believe in Everything?”; a piece that seeks to show how easy (or how difficult) it is to consolidate the Biblical story of creation with evolution theory.

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