About Radio Laria

Radio Laria is a community collective that runs monthly events where poets, writers and story-tellers can gather together to share their expressions.  Originally part of Girls on Key, Radio Laria prioritises featuring women and gender diverse poets, so as to create much needed opportunities.  We are always actively seeking to feature poets who may not have received the recognition that they deserve. 

Another important part of our events is the open section where all genders are welcome to contribute.  Our gatherings take place at the legendary Open Studio which is an institution in Northcote for culturally amazing gigs.

  We also have online journal Heard & Held for women, trans and non-binary writers to share their work.  This is safe, non-judgemental space where our words can be held, and digitally archived to be shared and re-shared as part of our collective futures.

 Radio Laria was founded by local Melbourne poets Laura Fisher and Emma Fayelecaun, with honourable mentions to Anke MacLean and Brendan Bonsack for their ongoing involvement and support.  Laura, Emma, Anke and Brendan all worked together facilitating poetry nights for Girls on Key, which is being carried on by Anna Forsyth.  We were inspired by being part of Girls on Key and have carried Anna’s values of creating poetry opportunities into our new venture.

Laura Fisher
Emma Fayelecaun
Anke McLean