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OUT by Zoe Xanadu

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By girlsonkey Post date


I’m out.

Mum, I’m gay, 

I texted her.

That’s nice dear.  

As in you’ve renamed yourself, or like two poofy men?

Homphobic bitch.


I’m out.

Striding through the Autumn morning in my walking shoes

Seeking solace in the beauty outside me

from the rage that churns within

The grey blanket of the pre-dawn sky warms me not, 

but offers me great comfort,

with the reassuring reminder that I am 

at once 


and as expansive as the universe

A blush emerges as the sun comes back from the other side of the world, busy tart

A suggestive apricot, fuzzy and without edges, and with the optimism of Alabama Whitman

“She tastes like a peach”

how truly did I want to taste her mouth

Still I stride, breathing through my swirling truth

And now, somehow, streaks of pink and blue

Audacious as those marine creatures that you think have surely been exaggerated 

in the artist’s depiction

I can even forgive my ancestors for believing in sky god


I’m out.

Here under this cracking morning sky, remembering to notice the beauty of the universe.

Mary Oliver eat your heart out!

Savour those juices as they stream down your chin

Rivulets forming in your cleavage invitationally 

for another lover 

of life to slurp at


Mum, I like to lick life juice off the tits of women poets.

Still I stride, rounding the corner, home comes into view.

And in the valley beyond, down over the town to the west

The sun, my current favourite artist, has invited the morning mist to dance.

A rainbow!

My queer little heart opens in bliss.

Life really does love me!

And I love her right back, 

most Sapphically indeed.

  • Zoe Xanadu

More work by this artist can be found at spritelymusings

Captain Kindness by Anke MacLean

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By girlsonkey Post date

Entering data daily
For the Department
Dutifully and with diligence.

Traveling by night in a heartbeat
From moments of cruelty 
To places of violence
From hours of brutality
To the instant of the latest abuse

But seconds before it happens

It’s a superpower. 

The not-yet victims are whisked away
To cotton-wool-confused safety

But the perpetrator
The villain
Is wrapped tight
In a cape 
Smelling of sweet, aged, lavender
Fuzzy with grandma’s love
Full of stories and lullabies
Until it turns salty wet


Until the dam breaks

Birthday Ditty by Carly Fern

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By girlsonkey Post date

36 today

nothing profound to say

just a birthday rhyme

composed in the sunshine

I thought it would be raining

but p‘aps BOM‘s aim is waining

a morning cup of tea

daydreams of overseas

A croissant for my breaky

birthday basic Becky


perhaps St.Kilda brunch?

I‘ve packed a lot of punch

in my 3 plus decs alive

I‘ve plunged and I have dived

Coz lifes a finite gas

and boy does it go fast

I want to do it all

‘pon this spinning ball

That could have been the end

just then

but here I am again

one more thing to say

Dont forget to play!

Happy birthday Carly! Love Girls on Key x


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By girlsonkey Post date

Last night I dreamt I was mushrooms

many, an impossible body

impusle led

mycelium my spine

I spoke a mouthless language

all questions were answers already known


there really was nothing to know

I was everything at once

sugars of us hummed

soft breath

shared lung


time to matter


limbs to the land

nine veiled brides kept an eye

on my way to Beneath

the underground scene of the lacemakers lair

sleep and wake are not separate here

in the warm, wet digs of the soft hooded sisters

dark web

city lights

expand beyond us

fingers, one finger

brain, body fuel, we move into forever

  • Emma Fayelecaun (2019)

Mushrooms is part of the 2019 release Sugar and Bones limited edition illustrated book of poetry available here on the artists website.